The Author

I'm a writer, and have been a web developer, a programmer, a multimedia developer and general research assistant. I currently reside in Queensland Australia. My husband and I live near the beach with two dogs.

My other interests include playing games, reading books, sketching, and bird watching.

This site has been my hobby since nearly the beginning of web sites. While I was working on a web site for a local university, this site suffered from complete neglect. Now that I've retired from the university, this site should be more active.

Other places you can find me

The Site

This site has undergone a thorough revamp. The site now uses Bootstrap to provide the basic layout, which responsive web sites. Bootstrap also has a range of useful features, making it a great framework to start with.

There is a subsection of this site dedicated to game reviews. It is not linked in the main navigation because I haven't been writing new reviews for several years now. They are still up because many of these games can be found via Steam, GOG and mobile versions.

Most of the original material is still around with no changes but that is because it might be linked and I want to cause minimal 404 errors. All links on older material must be considered suspect. Most of them haven't been checked for accuracy for several years. A certain portion of content was removed because it was completely out of date.


You can send email to lynn@pibweb (.) com - spam will be deleted without mercy.

Or leave comments in the Disqus comment box. I'll get back to you from there.