News: I have a short story and a poem published in Omens: Harbingers of Future Days, a short story anthology from the members of Townsville Speculative Fiction. The ebook can be purchased from Smashwords, Kobo, or Barnes and Noble.

Flash Fiction Collection
- A series of short stories - less than 1000 words each
Newest story - Seven Years Bad Luck
- A vampire smashes a mirror - much to his regret
The City of Gilgam
- From Tales told by Grandfather Sammy
Noises in the Night
- You never know what may come out at midnight
The Gladiator
- A gladiator versus two prisoners
The Student and the Magician
- Sometimes the magic is real
Little Blue Riding Hood
- Somewhat different to the classic fairy story
The Comics and the Theft
- Do not abuse the comics
The Dungeon Competition
- Everyone wants to win
Once upon a time
- Time always strikes back
A Gardener's Journal
- A cautionary tale
- Why do all the lights burn out?
Dust Bunnies
- Life stages of the common dust bunny
What a software programmer's really wants to ask
- Bugs according to a programmer

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