The Reading Room

News: I have a short story and a poem published in Omens: Harbingers of Future Days, a short story anthology from the members of Townsville Speculative Fiction. The ebook can be purchased from Smashwords, Kobo, or Barnes and Noble.

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Other things

Think Kickstarter for novels. If you love to read, join and find new authors to support. If you love to write, join and start letting the world know about your novel.
Typhon Expanse
Short story anthology produced by members of the Townsville Spec Fiction group.
Shakespeare Online
Plays and Poems of Shakespeare - some of the plays are annotated which adds clarity to the text.
Samuel Johnson's Dictionary
Facinating to browse. Some words have fallen out of usage while others have changed in meaning.
The Seventh Sanctum
Automatic generators of names, places, story lines, equipment and more. Useful for world creators.