The Evolution of the Dust Bunny

Dust bunnies are, of course, the harmless little bits of fluff that accumulate under furniture where ever people live. Seldom noticed, though often known about, these rather harmless little creatures exist in many places. There are, of course, those homes in which no self-respecting dust bunny would live. Overuse of cleaning products and or frequent violent cleaning seems to interrupt the breeding of the adorable dust bunny. This should be discouraged whenever people actually live as it would seem to indicate an unhealthy environment for humans or dust bunnies.

However, there are some residential places that rarely have dust bunnies. They go straight from "just cleaned the place" to "hibernating dust bears" with no small cuddly dust bunny stage in-between the two. Hibernating dust bears are fine, until you actually need to clean. Then, of course, you run up against the "do you really want to wake the dust bear" problem. Naturally, I recommend leaving the dust bears alone in their natural Habitat. Who knows what a dust bear will do once woken?

If the dust bear is allowed to complete its hibernation, it will again evolve to the final form. The final form is the dust devil. These are no longer harmless bits of fluff, nor are they sleepy. These are dangerous balls of accumulated flotsam that can threaten a household. Ever wonder if the monster under the bed is real? Well, it is and it is a dust devil. They have a taste for small innocuous children and harmless pets, they leave kindred spirits alone.

There is only one known cure for a household infected with dust devils. Dynamite is guaranteed to remove all traces of the dangerous beasts. Unfortunately, it will also require the rebuilding of all the furniture, if not the house itself, but is absolutely necessary if the house is infected.

The tricky part to all this is to know when the dust bear, harmless sleepy creatures that they are, need to be removed from a house. Timing is critical, you should not disturb dust bears until it is necessary. But wait that critical day and you may well be missing a small child or pet next time you take a head count around the house.